Buy YouTube comments

At Dripex, you can easily buy YouTube comments for your videos. Take this opportunity to create more activity around your video and improve your ranking on YouTube!

The high quality comments appear very authentic. They specifically refer to the video, respond to comments, or Like other comments. What’s more, all users have active profiles and profile pictures. You can even write the comment text yourself!

Comments are always in English. If you want them in another language, please send us an email with the comments already written in the language of your choice.

The smallest possible limit is 2 comments per day. Incidentally, this service allows you to send us up to five different links at no extra charge!

Please note: comments must be sent automatically and not after they have been reviewed!

Would you like to have more views on YouTube? So why not take a look at our other YouTube services?

We recommend that you deactivate any paid advertising during the service period so that you do not endanger your AdSense account. While there is virtually no reason why you should put your YouTube account at risk, there could be problems with AdSense.

The period mentioned in the selection box starts from the start of the service. In almost all cases, the service starts within 24 hours, but in some cases it can take up to three working days.

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